By water polo people,

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Water Polo Club Coach Recruiting

We help water polo athletes connect, get noticed and achieve their goals.

Let's just say it's a water polo recruiting platform with legs.

Water Polo Profile

Profile designed specifically for the water polo athlete. Provide coaches the most important information - including video.

Validated Information

Your information can be certified based on your participation in events like combines, from announcements, publications and from coaches.

Water Polo Network

Polovolo provides a social networking tool for to keep everyone in your network, including coaches, up to date on your water polo, academic achievements and other activities.

All College Programs

We have curated a complete catalog of every D1, D2, and D3 program along with every club water polo team in the country. Find your fit and connect with the coach of those porgrams.

Achievement Badges

You've worked hard to achieve your goals. From your high school team, to ODP, to National Team; from the first game of the season to sectional champs; and don't forget JOs. We will help you showcase it all.

Personal Calendar

A master list of tournaments and competitions across the country so you can let coaches know which tournaments you are attending and they can make the most of their time.

Our perspective

We see water polo recruiting from a different perspective.  Polovolo is built by water polo people, for water polo people.  Unlike generic recruiting sites we have a special responsibility to enhance our water polo community and help it grow.  This includes assisting athletes, college coaches, high school coaches and club coaches.  Here are some of the things that matter most to us:

validated and reliable information

Validated and reliable information is critical. The stakes are high and coaches, athletic departments and universities want to know the information about a student-athlete is credible. Athletes and parents need to know the process is fair.


Relationships take time to discover, and develop. They need to be nurtured and honored and when this is done properly, they can be immensely helpful to athletes, college coaches as well as HS/Club Coaches. Relationships help move our sport forward and provide greater opportunity.

rich and timely content

We provide a variety of ways to showcase yourself as an athlete, and your program as college coach. Video is key, but so are photos and updates to your activity feed. Badges summarizing your achievements provide a visual cue to your commitment to the sport. We also provide a free and community based tool for promoting and listing water polo events.

Athlete Plans

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We speak the language of water polo and Polovolo can help connect you to your next-level opportunities in college.  

We help college coaches by helping them find players who fit their program.

All water polo, all the time.


We help you go beyond the grades, the pool, the stats and the game film. We provide connections to high school, club and ODP water polo coaches so you can learn more about prospective players.

Validated Information

The earlier you can get quality information in the water polo recruiting process, the better. We provide credible information, much of it already validated, to make your job easier.

Quick Profiles

Quickly see and scan what's important. Profiles provide quickly digestible information about each athlete including film and achievements. Search athletes using the parameters that matter to you.


In-app and real-time updates from players as you would expect with social media platforms. But we also support communication from Polovolo to your school email to make your communication efforts streamlined.

Market Your Program

As a coach we put you in control of how you market your college or university and your team. Want to showcase your Academics? Facilities? Team culture? Championships? You can provide rich content such as photos and video and push the latest notifications to PSAs.

Tournament Planner

See a master list of tournaments by date, and by geographic location and plan your recruiting calendar. We can provide you a list of Polovolo athletes who indicated they are attending a tournament.

Coach Plans

If you are a Coach in College (NCAA, Club or JCs) it is free to join.   


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Event Organizer

Are you an event organizer who wants to list your water polo tournaments and events on Polovolo?  Register here for your Polovolo account.  This account will allow you to create events and manage them (like changing venues or dates).  If you are already a coach, you do not need a separate registration as an event organizer.


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